Quartz Rune Stone Leather Bracelet

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As human beings, we are constantly woking on our own self development Whether it be  to improve our physical, emotional or spiritual self,  your own personal rune stones  can help. 

Choose from the following rune stone energies:

Fehu- Wealth                Hagalaz-Disruption         Teiwaz-Victory

Uruz- Strength             Nauthiz- Desire                Burkana-Love

Thurisaz-Protection      Isa- Stillness                    Ahwaz-Trust

Ansuz-Wisdom             Jera-Success                   Mannaz- Awareness

Radio-Movement         Eihwaq-Safety                  Laguz-Healing        

Kenaz-Luck                   Pertho-Future                   Inguz-Fertility

Gabo-Marriage              Algiz-Friendship               Othila-Prosperity

Wunjo-Joy                      Sowilo-  Success            Dagaz-Home 


Bracelet is made to order and sized upon your request.  You will be required to  provide your size desired upon checkout in the Note/memo section.