The Power of Crystal and Gemstones

I am one that always has a crystal or gemstone on my person at all times. It can be worn as jewelry, carried in my purse, or placed under my pillow at night. Point is, I always have them around and so should you. 

Crystals and gemstones are nature made, God-given tools for our human health and enlightenment. They have been put here to assist us and help us to live the way our creator intended. Which is in happiness and harmony. 

But often times we choose to live in the opposite of happiness and harmony. We stress, worry, and get angry over every little thing. That is not what life is supposed to be about. 

Think about it this way. We are all balls of vibrating energy. Sometimes, this energy we vibrate  is positive and sometimes we may choose to operate our energy on negative side. It is our choice and our choice alone. 

To find balance, we must learn to always vibrate on the positive plane. It is in this zone that we will receive the goodness that we so much crave. But sometimes it is very difficult to stay positive. With the stress from work, family, life mishaps, and illness, it is almost impossible to stay in our "Happy Place".

Well, if I told you there was a way..Would you believe me? Well, there is! Working with gemstones and crystals you can help keep your energy life force balanced and clean.

Like I had mentioned previously, It can be as easy as putting on a piece of crystal/gemstone  jewelry or carrying one around in your pocket. In fact, having crystals and gemstones in your energy field can do wonders for your health and overall wellbeing.

The way it works is you choose a special crystal according to the energy you need or are lacking. Often times you will be drawn to the crystal that you need. That is the beauty of our crystals and gemstone friends. They often  choose us. 

Once you have your crystal, you will need to cleanse it. There is  section on cleansing crystals for you to review on my blog page. I encourage you to read before proceeding with any crystal work.

Now the next step is so very easy. You will talk to your crystal and tell it what you intend to do or create.This is called programming the crystal.  Let's pretend its perfect health you are looking for. You will place the crystal in your hands and visualize perfect health. Recite your  mantra or personal affirmation to get your mind and spirit aligned with your healing.

I often use  a quote by one of my favorite authors,  Florence Shovel Shinn that reads" The divine mind knows no obstacle. Therefore, there shall be no obstruction for my perfect Health". 

Next and last step is wearing or carrying your crystal or gemstone. Each time your faith wanes and you are falling into negative thoughts, touch your crystal and recite your special personal affirmation. Your crystal/gemstone is your friendly, magical reminder, keeping your energy on the positive plane where positive fulfillment happens. 

It does not matter if you choose to buy from our website or from another supplier. The main point is that you get yourself on track to vibrate positively and live a happy life.

God Bless!