About Crystal Healing :Part 1

Crystal healing is gaining much popularity all over the world. There are many articles in magazines and journals, as well as published books on the subject and a multitude of social media  posts professing its magical  wonders .With all this attention,what is a curious human mind to do?

In our  first blog post we will provide the understanding of choosing the  perfect stone. 



When choosing a stone it is important to be mindful of the energy you feel you need, what you  may be wishing  for,or what may be lacking in your life. From this, we can easily  figure the best stones to produce what may be desired.

You may want  to choose a stone by color, by zodiac sign, or the energy you may have heard about. Although these are all great ways to start, these may be  limiting and can possibly hinder what your soul truly needs. Do not use your  brain to rationalize. Use your feeling and senses to truly feel. Let your higher self be your guide. You may notice a stone that strongly catches you attention. This is most likely the one you may need. This easy method  will always help you choose the best stone for your current need. 

Sometimes, the  stone that are destined to be yours are freely found or given as a gift. These are most special.