Wish Magic- We All Have This Power

You have been doing it ever since you were a child. Every time you made a wish and blew out your birthday candles,you were participating in wish magic. 

It is simple, easy and can be done anywhere and at anytime. I have been practicing wish magic for quite some time myself with great success. I was never one for elaborate, ceremonial type magic. I always believed the power was within me.So, I made my own path of creative manifestation with gemstones ,candles, and a determined mind. And you know what??? It worked!!

I have materialized  beautiful  expensive sports cars ,found my perfect soul mate, and changed certain circumstances bending them the way I wanted them to go. Some  came quickly, some slow. But if I was persistant and kept at it, it always came. 

You can do the same.  Next time you have a wish to have something or change your circumstances, do the following:

Make an alter with things that put you in your happy place and help you focus on your wish. These  can be special candle holders, trinkets, and of course your gemstones. It is even better if you use a  jewelry piece that you will then wear after your meditation is complete

Pictured alter built for prosperity and increased business


Everyday, light your candle and focus on your wish. Really feel it and know in your mind that is is on its's way to you. Belief is everything! Any doubt will only push your desire further out of reach. Make this your special meditation time. Spend at least 5 minutes a day on your manifestation meditation. 

As the energy builds everyday, know that your wish is closer and closer to becoming a reality. It also is very important to always  practice good Karma. Wish Magic  should only change your circumstances for the better and not alter the will of others. 

A focused mind is an unstoppable mind. And when you add your crystal and gemstone friends into the mix, the results can be mind blowing!  Check out our catalog of items on prettyprincesstyle.com and start your Wish Magic today!