Shungite-The Miracle Mineral


I have often stated that a mineral friend will always come into your life when you most need it. This is where I will begin with this blog post on Shungite.

I was shopping for supplies at my mineral dealer. I had gone in to purchase gemstone arrowheads when I noticed a brown bag filled with stones. It was labeled Shungite.  It was in a plain brown bag. The kind my mom used to pack for me when I would go on school field trips. 

Although I could not see the contents, something was telling me I needed it. That  I needed to buy it. I put it down and continued shopping only to come back to it and purchase it. And you know what? I am so very glad I did!

Upon my research on Shungite,it  is known as the Stone of Life. It is a miracle mineral that's basis is the Carbon molecule. The key component for all know life on Earth. Shungite contains almost the entire  periodic table. Shungite has unique and adaptive properties that make it a must have healing tool for everyone. This is due to one very special component called fullerenes. 

In an article titled "Fullerenes" on the article reads:

 "Fullerenes are highly stable chemically and have a variety of unusual properties. Chemists have been able to add branches of other molecules to them, place atoms inside of them, and stretch them into rods and tubes. Fullerenes can be made to be magnetic, act as superconductors, serve as a lubricant, or absorb light."

Now that is amazing! Science thinks so too. Scientists have been studying the healing benefits of Shungite and unanimously agree in its special healing properties as a miracle mineral.

 Shungite is a great stone for everyone. That is because it heals on all levels.It heals, regenerates, revitalizes. Even at cell level. It enhances cell and DNA/ MA repair.

Now you are probably thinking - What can it do for me?

Well, let's discuss the truly amazing abilities of adding Shungite to your life.

It is a natural anitioxident. Shungite increases immunity in human being as well as animals. One great way to benefit from this property is to make Shungite water. 

Shungite naturally cleanses water. It is said to be the best method  when comparing to boiling or chlorine disinfection. When Shungite stones are added, the water will become bio-active and curing. This is a great health tonic. Drinking 2-3 glasses of Shungite water will cure many illnesses. 

Shungite is 

• a natural antioxidant . It increases the  immunity with regards to many serious illnesses and suppress the development of many allergic diseases;
• An antibacterial. It purifies  air and water from many organic and inorganic compounds and from excess of free radicals;
• An eliminator. It eliminates and absorbs all that imposes a hazard on human beings and animals.

•A protector. Protects from electromagnetic radiation.

It possesses the ability to cure many illnesses such as:

- Impotence 
- Anemia 
- Allergies 
- Asthma 
- Gastritis 
- Dyspepsia 
- Kidney diseases 
- Liver diseases 
- Diabetes 
- Gall-bladder problems 
- Immune system deterioration
- Pancreas diseases 
- Common colds 
- Cardiovascular diseases 
- Cholecystitis 
- Chronic fatigue.

So if you are looking for a special stone to feel healthy,remain youthful, or to be active for many years, you should definitely look to Shungite. 



Pictured: Wire wrapped Shungite pendant and raw Shungite stones




I recently took My Shungite pieces with me on my fun trip to the casino. Because I did hear it had was also a energy conductor,I decided to try my luck and use it to amplify my winning energy.I wore my Shungite necklace and also had a raw Shungite stone talisman.

I continually used a winning mantra while playing as I concentrated on a win. And you now what? It worked!

I continually won money from the machines. It was kind of abnormal for me at the rate they had come in. So, I will definitely be using this stone as one of my personal wish crystals in the future.