When you are Hurting After a Break up...Try The Break Up Candle For Healing Hearts


We have all been through heartbreak. No matter how beautiful you are, you are not immune to the effects of heartbreak. 

When we go through a break up, the hurt we are feeling seems like the end of the world. Like our world is crashing down and we will never be the same again.

I can tell you as a survivor of break up, how you choose to feel will play a crucial role in your healing. If you play your cards right, you may learn something about yourself and what you really want. This will make you much more intelligent  when going into your next relationship and possibly create a better relationship than the one you had before.

Don't get me wrong, there will always be a grieving  process. You know the process where you are left feeling like  your stomach is twisted up in knots and you feel like you can't breathe. Yah, That feeling.


Well, in my attempts to help the heart boken, I have made a special Crystal Candle that may help with the heart wrenching affects of a break up. It is conveniently named The Break Up Candle. 

Within this special candle, I have sprinkled several crystals that are helpful to your emotional system. Because that is the system most affected. Remember your emotional body disruption can spill over into you physical body. This is  where the pain, nausea, and shortness of breath come from. Don't worry!  I did not forget to include crystals  to help the physical body as well.

The Break Up Candle includes the following crystals that may be  helpful to cover all aspects of a break up.

Healing Crystals include:

Rose Quartz- A stone to help sooth the grief you may feel. Believe or not, you are grieving, Grieving a loss of your relationship and the life that you have known as a couple. So you will have to learn to be an individual again. Rose quartz can help sooth anger and grief so you can begin to move on.

Aventurine Tranquilizes  the nervousness you may be feeling. Helping you to feel calm.

Amazonite Pacifies worries and fears. We all know, after the breakup, and the thoughts of being alone, Fear and worry may set in. Amazonite will help you to squash those feelings so that you can continue to move on.

Amethyst Releases negative thoughts and helps with acceptance of being single. Amethyst will calm you and give you the power of protection making you feel like you can do it.

Citrine Promotes happiness. Need I say more? That is definitely what we strive for after break up..Isn't it? Citrine will boost your self confidence so you are ready to get back up on that horse and ride again.

 Smokey Quartz will help you to let go. No need to hold on if someone does not feel the same as you do. Smokey Quartz will provide you the strength to move on and realize there is someone better out there for you. Go find them!

Turquoise promotes understanding. Because you do need to understand why it happened, accept it, and move on. It is all part of the process. 

Moonstone reduces emotional tension. Moonstone helps to bring a sense of peace to the emotions.

Blue Kyanite releases Anger. This is the most important. You do need to let go of anger because anger keeps you prisoner. You cannot let go when there is anger in you heart. Anger tethers  you to the one you are trying to forget. Anger is not your friend. Don't invite anger to the healing party. 

So, in conclusion, break ups suck! But we must remember that  the pain we may be experiencing is temporary and will not last forever. If you can grasp that, you can heal much quicker and get back on track to find your perfect mate.

Best of Luck & Happy Healing!