Black Agate Strength Fitness Power Bracelet- 8 mm

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Black Agate Strength Fitness Power Bracelet is made with fine, Grade A quality power gemstones. This Bracelet is the perfect prescription for those who are looking to achieve strength, power, confidence, balance and mental clarity.Perfect for physical people or people  who are looking to be more physical. Black Agate  will help deliver the strength and power that is needed to complete physical tasks and provide the  steadiness to handle life's challenges. 1 special  Hematite bead  is added to complement and raise the power providing an extra dose of confidence, strength, and balance. 

Don't forget the protection power of this stone. Keeps your energy clean, grounded, and out of harms way.

8mm stones

Stretch Cord

Pictured  in 8.5 in  size . Unisex style and can be ordered and customized to fit any size