Triple Power Hematite Black Agate Tigers eye Fitness Strength Bracelet

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This triple power dynamo includes 3 of the most sought after stones for success,power,protection, and strength.

Black Agate and Hematite- Protection, strength,will,determination,self confidence,sharper mind  and balance. Will power and boldness will be increased.

Tiger Eye- Prosperity & motivation to work toward your goal and achieve what is desired. A stone of the solar plexus. Tigereye will give you the self confidence to believe anything is possible.   and will keep you in the prosperity/power mindset.

3x magnetic power enhances energy flow. Magnets are said to increase oxygen,blood flow which in turn helps with pain and stiffness often experienced in the joints and muscles..

Bracelet pictured in 9 inch. Unisex design can be custom made to fit. Please add desired size in message section of order form.