Pyrite Stone Prosperity Tree

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If there are dreams you are looking to work on and bring  to fruition, let Pyrite be your little energy helper.

Known as the stone of manifestation, Pyrite provides you the vitality, will and determination to get you on the right frequency to start working to make your dreams a reality.

Sometimes, we do not have the enough faith in ourselves and our abilities to have what we desire. Pyrite brings the confidence and persistence to carry things out to completion without doubts. It  clears the confusion and eliminates the fear of failure and allows you to go after the very things you want in life. 

A perfect stone for the home or the workplace. Pyrite's frequency is highly energizing.Placing it in the home or workplace will energize the surrounding area and will increase vitality. 

In the workplace, its energy will help to overcome intellectual fatigue and tiredness. This in turn makes the mind more clear and focused to tackle the job at hand. If you have an overbearing boss, Pyrite's masculine energy will help provide you the strength to stand your ground without anger and help you to not be taken advantage of. 

Pyrite is also known as the Merchant stone. It is said that if you place in your cash box,  in your purse, or wallet,you will attract more money flow.

 Stands Approx 2.63. In (67mm)