Acupressure Weight Loss Ring

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In Chinese Acupressure, the Chinese believe wearing  magnet therapy  rings will help reduce fat on different parts of the body when worn on corresponding  fingers.
Accupressure points on the hand correspond to various parts of the body.
Small magnets are placed in the ring that help to stimulate the points on the chosen finger you wear the ring. This in turn helps to stimulate the pressure points on your finger to help increases metabolism and helps detox the body.
The ring is adjustable. One  size fits most and can be adjusted to fit you finger. 


Ring design magnet tips  may vary slightly 

Wear the weight loss ring on the corresponding finger   :

  • Thumb: reduces fat of the face
  • Index finger: reduces fat of the arm
  • Middle finger: reduces stomach
  • Fourth finger: reduces fat of the waist
  • Pinky finger: reduces fat of the thig
Please note: This is not a cure weight loss. Along with wearing your weight loss ring proper diet and exercise is needed to achieve your desired results.
For Curio only