Allura Power Gems- Emerald Faith Brass & Copper Cross

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Beautifully large and ornate brass and copper faith cross. Contains a genuine Green Emerald  with faceted design. 

Wear to bring luck, prosperity, love,and domestic bliss.

Emerald is also an  emotional heart healer. It can help ease emotional issues that may be holding you back in life.

Emerald Is sometimes referred to the "Stone of Successful Love" It helps those who may have closed their hearts to love possibly after a breakup, Emotional setback, or heartache. It helps to open the heart center. This is good for attracting love, strengthening relationships(both platonic & romantic), promoting loyalty/balance between partners , and promoting a sense of security in your union. 

Emerald will help to bring the following




-Brings good Luck

-Better Life


Cross size is a generous 78.13 mm. A stunning piece alone or combined with the sculpted brass neck cuff (Sold Separately)