Allura Power Gems- Ruby Brass & Copper Style Cuff

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Ruby is a very powerful, intense  stone. A stone of nobility,   Ruby helps you to really feel passion for life. It increases the will to live and live well. Wearing Ruby encourages joy and happiness. It's power will increase confidence and courage. If you ever need an energy boost..Grab a Ruby.

Ruby encourages sexuality, sensuality. and vitality . It helps to overcome sexual dysfunctions and opens your way to new love

As a wealth attractor, Ruby is helpful in retaining wealth and abundance. It helps to remove negative thinking and negative energies while clearing them from your path.

It is useful in your successful transformation. Sometimes we do not have enough faith in ourselves and this sets us up for failure. Ruby assists you into the transition and helps you change  from the person you currently are to the successful person you wish to be.