Moda Elektra Amethyst Druzy Pendant

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 An Amethyst druzy gold plated pendant. A truly exquisite piece with multiple,tiny points of deep purple Amethyst crystals  that sparkle and shine.

Amethyst is a nature stone. Each piece may vary in size and shape due to natural variation. Typical sizes range is  2"inches.

Amethyst lore is legendary. Not only for its beauty, but its power. Amethyst is a highly spiritual stone. It  is the stone of meditation, psychic awareness , and inner peace. Amethyst heightens intuition helping one to stay in tune with their innate psychic ability. Amethyst also  provides clarity of thought, enhancing conscious perception and understanding.

Use for Meditation, Headache relief, organ cleansing,Assist Pineal and pituitary glands, Helps with hormone production, Restful sleep,Calming the mind,Reduces insomnia for better sleep.Prevention of drunkenness and support with addictions.