Ansuz Rune stone Hamsa Pendant

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A supreme gift from Mother Nature,Quartz is a powerfulful master healing stone. Quartz has many fascinating healing properties.One being  the ability to be programmed. This special quality makes Quartz a powerful stone for manifestation of your special wishes and desires. Quartz is an amplifier. Helping to provide power to anything you do. 

Quartz naturally balances and  cleanses  the chakras. Quartz is said to have the highest vibration of light your human body can receive. When worn, Quartz has the ability to raise your body's energy frequency to dissolve and release blocks or foreign energies. It can replenish on a cellular level and restore your body's natural blance and harmony.

A unique jewelry piece and I have only just one available. I have combined the Protection of the Hamsa and the magical power of the Ansuz rune on genuine quartz stone..

The Rune is a special inscribed power stone. The Ansuz Rune is the rune of the divine force symbolizing the divine breath which gives life. A knowledge and wisdom stone, Ansuz brings consciousness and gives us the power to control our life.

Antique bronze color 

18 in. Chain included