Aqua Aura Quartz Point Gold

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Aqua Aura is a highly powerful, highly vibrational crystal. If you are looking for a crystal that can do it all, this may be the one.

Aqua Aura is  genuine quartz crystal that is infused with pure gold. The special addition of pure gold provides the beautiful aqua color change and amplifies the quartz with even more powerful conductivity.

Aqua Aura is more shielding than aquamarine due to the infusion of gold.A true master vibration crystal ideal for healing work and meditation.

Use To:

Heighten Communication(throat chakra)

Enhance intuition

Energize mental abilities

Attract wealth and success

Promote clarity of thought

Shield from psychological & psychic attack

Release stress

Attract positive energy

Cleanse & clears auric field


Comes with Complementary 18" gold tone neckchain