Black Obsidian Arrowhead Power Pendant

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Energy is everywhere. Some is good, and some may be  harmful to our energy field. This energy may become embedded in our energy field affect our energy.These are called "Energetic Cords" As physical and spiritual beings, we are interacting with others and their energy fields all the time.  There’s no way to avoid it.

Obsidian is a great protection stone and can help to keep your energy field clean and protected by removing these "cords".

Obsidian is also great to rid you of stress and resentment that you may have picked up and are not able to let go of. 

It is a great stone to use if you are a "flighty" person. If you find that you are all over the place and cannot concentrate or commit to anything, wear obsidian to counter balance this  energy. Obsidian will help you buckle down , focus, and stay on task.

Symbolism of the Arrow-The arrow symbolizes power and direction. To seek what you wish and have the power and strength go after it and attain it. 

*Please note* The Obsidian arrows are uniquely made and vary in size from the image shown. Sizes may vary.