Moda Elektra Chakra 7 Stone Power Pendant

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7 Laters of powerful gemstone crystals. Each is to represent the 7 major Chakra Systems.

The chakra Systems are Represented by color and are said to reflect the functions of our being at many different levels. Each center  has many correspondences to activities such as behavior,emotions,thoughts, and much more. It is important to remember that the chakras are interlinked. So it is important to keep not just one but all chakras well balanced to protect the whole system.

1st- Root or Base - Color Red Survival/Energy-Groundedness-Practicality-Foundation

2nd-Sacral-  Color Orange Creativity/Sexuality

3rd- Solar Plexus - Color Yellow Self Confidence-Personal Power-Digestion

4th- Heart- Color Green Pure Love -Emotion-Balance-Relationship-Space-Growth

5th- Throat- Color Blue Communication-Expression-Peace

6th- Third Eye- Indigo Clear Vision-Psychic-Intuition

7th- Crown- Color Violet Inspiration-Enlightenment Universal Connection