7 Chakra Flat Gemstone Point Pendant

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 Chakra Pendant with the seven stones to represent the 7 chakra energy centers. Balance and create calm with this beautiful pendant. Comes with 18" Silver-tone chain.
Pendant size:-53mm with loop

Available Gemstone Varieties 

Rose Quartz- Unconditional Love, Healing, weight loss, romance, Self Appreciation/Love Heart Healer

Green Aventurine- Heart healer, Hapiness, Prosperity,Mental Power, Eyesight, Gambling luck, Peace ,Healing, Money,Luck

Amethyst-Dreams, Healing, Psychic Abilities,courage, Love Protection, Happiness, Restful Sleep, Meditation, Peace, Overcoming Alcoholism, Spirituality

Opaline- Psychic Abilities, Spirituality, transition, Calm, Meditation,Sexual Prowess