Labradorite Bar Necklace

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Labradorite is known as a stone of Transformation. It is the stone to help you through change supporting you  with strength and the ability to persevere. It will help you to see the truth that lies beyond the illusion.

Labradorite helps to banish insecurities and fears that may keep you from growth and potential.Labradorite helps you to have faith in yourself and your ability.

Labradorite is also a good stone to use the balance and protect your aura.If you suffer from an overactive mind, wear Labradorite to help feel calm. But do not be fooled..Although it does calm the mind, It still helps stimulates the imagination. So it's perfect for those that are always working on developing new ideas or creations.

Known as a spiritual stone ,Labradorite awakens your innate  magical abilities and psychic powers.


Beautiful Labradorite slice cut into bar shape pendant with Gold electroplate accent
Item description 
Pendant size approximate
1.5 w

1.4 H

Item may vary slightly due to the wondrous variations created by nature.