Life Potions- Love potion #9

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Life Potions are special crystal prescription potions that contain the perfect combination of power crystals to bring goodness into your life. Each potion covers a specific life theme to help you manifest that them into you life.Crystals help by tuning your frequency into the energy you wish to receive. You become more focused on your special and make it happen. The power is within you!

Life Potion-Love potion #9 Includes the following power combination of magical crystals to bring love, passion, and romance into your life. We are often our biggest obstacle when believing we deserve goodness in life. Break that pattern of negative thinking. 

~Believe and you shall receive

Garnet- Helps you feel more passionate and sexy.Helps you to embrace your sexuality. Increases virility and stamina. Garnet is said to help you look more attractive to other people by bringing out your best qualities. Inspires love and mutual attraction.Balances Sexual energy

Rose Quartz- The stone of love and compassion.Rose quartz reminds us that we are worthy of love.  It will help you to love yourself and feel beautiful just the way you are

Rhodonite-This is a stone that is an emotional balancer that is said to nurture the feeling love. Rhodonite will help heal past emotional wounds that may be keeping you from finding or going after love. 

Pink Opal-Brings feeling of Love back into your life. It frees you from that feeling of "I will never find someone"elevating joy and acceptance of love. PInk Opal will also provide freedom from feelings of embarrassment or  the feeling of humiliation that keeps you from putting yourself out there. 

Hematite Heart- Provide strength and an extra boost of confidence. It dips;s negativity and negative thinking that may be keeping you from love. Hematite will help you stick to commitments if you are the type that cannot commit or remain loyal because of past hurts. 

Comes with an 18 inch  silver tone chain. This can be shortened if desired. Please note upon order if desired.