Make A Wish- Wish Bottle Charm Necklace With Magic Gemstone Crystals

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Do you have a Special wish? Something special that your little heart desires? 

Well then make a wish and program it into your very own magic wish bottle. Each wish bottle comes with an 18" in. chain and has a special charm message or symbol. Genuine gemstone crystals work with your own vibrational intention to help bring that special wish to you.

Available in the following gemstone Varieties:

Mixed Heart Stone- Includes Rosequartz, Pink Opal, Aventurine, and includes a wish bone inside. Happiness, Love Self acceptance, Unconditional Love, Happiness, Abundance, Opens heart 

ROSE QUARTZ- Love stone , Self Love, Healing, Romance, Unconditional love, Opens the heart

TOURMALINE-Happiness, Compassion, Business, Health, Energy, Courage, Friendship,Peace

GREEN APATITE- Abundance , Stimulates  Energy, Clears Negativity,Stone of Personal Power,Clears Confusion

LAPIS LAZULI- Healing, Love, Joy, Fidelity, Spiritual, Psychism,Protection, Courage,Inner Power,Organization,Truthfulness

Short bottle Size- Approx.  27mm

Tall Bottle Size- Approx .45 mm