Moda Elektra Kyanite Chip Necklace

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Powerful and beautiful! Kyanite is a powerful energy conductor. It protects the Aura and destroys all negative energies. 

Kyanite energy is:

  • A Powerful Energy Conductor ,Protects During Astral Projection,Protects The Aura,Destroys All Negative Energy,Third-Eye Chakra,Telepathy,Intuition,Astral Projection,Lucid Dreaming,Higher-Mind,Promotes Telepathy,Helps develop psychic power,Helps develop intuition,Helps ground spiritual energy,It creates an energetic shield around the Aura,Will assist in the elevation of ones consciousness,Power,Healing,Protection

Necklace Is made with genuine Kyanite chips and  faceted acrylic beads.Necklace measures  18" inches.