Rose Quartz Bracelet Of Love

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The Stone of self love and mastery of the heart. Rose Quartz will  encourage both humility and self love.

Rose Quartz energy is ofter used as a talisman to attract love when one is seeking companionship. Many of us have a closed heart because of past hurts and traumas. This creates a guarding of the heart that does not allow us to open up even when the right person comes along. Rose Quartz help you change the negative thought pattern that there are no good guys/gals out there. It will help you to open your eyes and heart to all the great possibilities out there just waiting for you to receive.

Rose Quartz is the stone of self love. This does not mean conceit or egotism. Rather a humility to believe we are all created equal with the ability to have anything we choose..As long as we believe in ourselves.

In the age of social media and the bombardment of how society believes we should look, Rose quartz can help you love yourself and be content with how you are.

Let the energy of Rose Quartz work its magic for you!